The Triolgogy of eBay – Store, Site, Blog

Today no one will argue with you that eBay has it's fair share of competition. In order to compete today, you have to do your research. You also have to do your Marketing!

Many people who sell on eBay have reported a greater success rate selling on eBay if they also had a few other things in place.

1. An eBay Store.
2. A domain Name outside of eBay that matches your eBay ID or Store Name.
3. A Web Site outside of eBay where you can either sell more items or talk about the items you sell on eBay.

Make sure you own your own domain name. This means that you must be sure that you are the owner on the account name.

Topics coming up soon! How do you pick a domain name? Which domain should you use? What's in a name? Stay tuned for some great info. on all this techy stuff!